Getting signed


Fiction A&R execs Gary Harris and Alex Close have written this blog with some useful first steps if you want to turn your music into a career.


  1. Don’t worry about getting signed.
  2. Make music that you adore.
  3. Be unique and brilliant
  4. Being an interesting person with something to say is a good starting point. Work on that before you even think about writing a song.
  5. Once you do have some songs think about performing live.
  6. See point 3 again
  7. If your audience drifts away to the bar you're doing something wrong. If they throw things at you, you might just be doing something right.
  8. Get online and make sure people that like you can find out more about you. Put up as much or as little information as you like but see point 3 and 4 again.
  9. High quality demos aren’t essential. A good song is a good song. If enough people like it someone will tell someone and you'll get offered some free studio/producer time. Or help with video filming or releasing a single to get you to the next level.
  10. Be prepared for this all to take a while. "Overnight sensations" have usually been plugging away for years in various different guises before finding that right alchemy.
  11. Because of point 10, refer to points 1 and 2 again, that'll keep you going and enjoying it.
  12. Send in unsolicited demos by all means – they will be listened to eventually – but taking on board and acting on the above gives you much better odds


And before you do any of the above, you might want to listen to this man...

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