Changes to Spotify

Changes to Spotify


Paul Smernicki - Director of Digital, Universal Music UK

Today, Spotify, the music subscription service, announced some changes to their service via their excellent blog. The most eye-catching is that after six months of full access to the free version of the service, users will be capped to five listens to any particular track.

We support the free element of Spotify because we know it’s a really quick and easy way to discover new tracks and artists and to introduce people to the even better experience that is a subscription. Subscription offers lots more: Spotify on your mobile, exclusive and pre-release music... and no interruptions.

The debate is already raging about Spotify’s move but what I have been really encouraged by is the sentiment of many comments following the blog post, not just on Spotify but also in other places like

Loads of people have left comments supporting the move and being very clear that they think the cost of a subscription represents great value, and that music is something worth paying for.

It’s important to everyone that services like Spotify thrive – fans, artists and labels alike. I believe this move will help them grow as a business: returning fair payment to those who create the brilliant music we enjoy and allowing labels to continue to invest in new artists.

All of which is good news for music fans.

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