Breakfast in Parliament

Breakfast in Parliament


Hanna Chalmers - Head of Research And Insight, Universal Music UK

My day job is heading up Universal Music's Insight team.

People often ask what this means and most simply put it's our team's job to be the voice of the music fan across Universal Music.

Music when you want, how you want

Music when you want, how you want


If you buy music you should be able to listen to it in the way you want, whether you’re burning MP3s onto a disc or putting CD albums on your iPod. But as things stand when you transfer music you own to a different device (known as format shifting), you’re technically breaking the law.

Our intern programme


Morna Cook - Director of Human Recources, Universal Music UK

It was fantastic to see our internship scheme featured on Newsnight on Tuesday after Nick Clegg’s speech on helping young people from a range of backgrounds get career opportunities. At Universal we’re really proud of our paid internship scheme; we believe it benefits not only interns but the whole company.

Island intern Janette on being on BBC Newsnight

Island intern Janette on being on BBC Newsnight


Janette Quaye - Press Intern, Island

Tuesday was one of the more surreal days I've had working at Island. A BBC film crew spent most of the afternoon following me around for a Newsnight feature on internships. Not something I expected to happen when I joined the press team as an intern in January.

The beginning, not the end


Paul Smernicki - Director of Digital, Universal Music UK

In his report for Forrester, author Mark Mulligan talks about ‘Digital Natives’, 12-15 year olds who have no experience of a world where music was paid for in the way older people would understand - physical products, downloads or even subscription models.


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