Get your music heard on Spinnup, a music distribution service like no other

Are you an unsigned musician interested in joining the ranks of artists signed to the world’s biggest record label? Let us introduce you to Spinnup, Universal Music’s distribution service with a difference, and the new way to get discovered by the music industry.

Spinnup began in 2013 in the Universal Music offices in Stockholm. Inspired by streaming services and other innovative music platforms to come out of Sweden, Spinnup was created to help ambitious unsigned musicians get their music out into the world and get discovered by Universal’s A&R teams. Fast forward a few years and Spinnup now has 150,000 users worldwide and has been instrumental in 33 artists (and counting!) sign record deals to Universal Music labels.

Any artist, such as yourself, can create an account on Spinnup for free and access the interactive dashboard, where you can find tools such as the artist profile, intelligent social media data analytics, and discount offers from other music services. When your music is ready you can create a single, EP or album release in an easy process, before paying the low annual subscription fee. This gets your music up on some of the world’s biggest online music stores and streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and more. A year later, if you want to keep your music online, payment will be automatic and your release will be renewed, giving you another year to reach potentially millions of music fans worldwide.

Once the world starts spinning your tunes (which we know they will) you will be able to view detailed streaming trends within days, and later, receive sales reports and all of your earnings. That’s right, with Spinnup each artist retains 100% of their rights, and everything they earn, and can withdraw their balance at any time. At Spinnup, the artist is always in control!

Unlike any other digital distribution network, Spinnup has a global community of talent scouts that each artist can ‘push’ their music to. These musical gurus act as the link between Spinnup’s artists and the A&R teams at Universal Music, finding outstanding tracks and artists to present to the label in the hopes of landing them a record deal. That’s what happened to Scottish four-piece Model Aeroplanes, who released their music through Spinnup and are now signed to Island Records!

For each release they make artists receive three ‘pushes’, similar to an alert, which they can choose to send to Scouts in their region, along with a message introducing themselves. The Scouts listen to as much music released through Spinnup as possible, providing feedback to artists to help them develop.

While artists can sign up to and use the full service from anywhere in the world, Spinnup local teams and Scouts in six territories: Sweden, Germany, UK, France, Denmark and Norway, with more countries to come in the near future!

Gone are the days of sending in your demo to a generic email address with the hope of someone listening and paying attention. Release your music through Spinnup to get your music out into the world, have it heard by real talent scouts, and increase your chances of being noticed (and signed!) by Universal Music.

For more information and to create your first release head to and use code ‘UNIVERSALUK’ to upload a single free for one whole year!

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